Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's all worth it...

Time went by so fast. Everything seems to be in fast forward mode lately. Seems like time wanted to be chased but it does not want to be caught.  Time's mind only understand its own. As a tribute to the ever parody of time not being able to be brought back... I let it flew away, but I made sure that every nano-second counts.

It has been 4 months since I reunited with this old love - writing.  Having been given a delightful entry which will highlight my present life, I vowed to continue this love affair with writing.  But like everything else, it is so difficult to establish a steady relationship especially when there are so many things that needed immediate attention. But no, it's not going to be short term.  

However, like all start-up relationships, water needs to be tested. The affair was really fascinating in the beginning then the flame simply dies down as days go by. But the fire will keep on burning like an endless night need light.  

This is how I feel. Like when I felt the urge to write and start my advocacy. Simply put, I have no right to stop halfway through the journey.  It is only a beginning.  How do we keep the fire burning is now the "million-dollar question".  The answer would be - keep on loving!

And I would keep on doing just that.  With the rate my little boy is doing at the moment. Time seems to freeze all of a sudden.  The time I heard him utter a word a few weeks back made all these worthwhile.  The research. The sleepless nights. It is now worth it. The emotions could not be translated into words.  Day by day as he explores the world of language, the worries slowly fades. It feels like receiving a wonderful gift - every new learning seemed like a monumental milestone.  

Now, words seem to pour in day in and day out. Maybe not as big and fast as the others but real words nonetheless. 

"How old are you?". "Two". - So simple, so shallow and yet so PRICELESS! "One...!" Good Lord! Broken words but WORDS from my son's mouth.  "Pol (apple), egg, cake, yo-yo, pik (pink), rey (grey), sta (star)...and it keeps on pouring in."

The day i heard him counting :)

He knows his numbers and can even point at each one even if asked randomly. He loves to read even if all his books are old and tattered. He loves to play the keyboard, dance, hums a tune and mimics his dad. 

Cannot go to bed without reading :)
A gift from Mc.Donald's a year ago...
His mini-me
Really, only time will tell.  As the mystery of my little angel unfolds, I will savor each moment.  I know it's not going to be a smooth ride but I'm sure in the end it's going to be a blast.  I just have to keep the faith and let things be. 

Wipe that smirk off your face! :))
It is truly all worth it...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Communicating through Numbers

My crystal boy did it again...communicate in riddles. Started the other day when we brought up his number mats.  He went to the mats grabbed NUMBER 3, pointed and showed.  So we say...3...3...3.  Afterwhich, he took out NUMBER 4 and brought it to our bed. So I said 4...4...4...

He did it again last night and so my hubby said: "Did you already look up the meaning of numbers 4 and 3?  I haven't had last night so I did now. And here goes...

Three deals with magic..Oh, so we need to look forward to another magical adventure.  And it says it symbolizes reward and success. I can't wait :)

And Four... represents solidity, calmness and home. Maybe this is how Seraphim feels.  Thank God!  But then it also says "a need for persistence and endurance".  So he's saying we need to work more on our plans and be ready for all the things to come.

Thank you Seraphim for your "crystal messages."  I know that you will always prepare us on what to do next.  We just need to have an open heart and mind.  Don't worry baby, we are always willing to listen...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Lowdown on Seraphim

Ready to Roam
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands - CLAPCLAPCLAP! Oh, it's been a while... I've been so caught up with a lot of things that even if I wanted to update my page I couldn't. It seemed like everything happens in a "fast-forward" mode that I barely noticed my last post. But here it is...Al dente!

What's up on Seraphim? (By the way, his nickname is Jephi).  My adorable toddler is getting more energetic and bubbly by the day.  Imagine all those worries 3 months ago when all I do is gather information on ASD, Primary Stereotypies and all things related to them. Truly, it was emotionally and physically draining. Days were longer and nights seemed endless.

Dad with a golden heart

Seraphim's favorite playmate
I've said it before, I'll say it again, "I am not religious but I am very spiritual".  In this sense, I dropped everything and let Jephi grow to be a beautiful toddler that he is right now.  I am just so blessed with a partner whose heart is made of gold, Joseph. He said: "All we have to do is to help Jephi and provide him with necessary "tools".  We're still so blessed to be given an angel."   And I heed. Sometimes, there are things that shouldn't be questioned.  There are unexplainable eventualities in life that are bound to happen whether we like it or we don't.  The past 3 months have been a test of faith but it was never a question of such.

So without expectations, we let Seraphim be... day by day he blossomed.  Maybe some traits were not of those written in the books.  But definitely, he's MORE THAN what's expected of him. He's more affectionate, happy and a very responsive little person in the house.  He could easily sense when his infectious laughter is needed by anyone in the household.

He's getting bigger by the day
Seraphim would start his day with a smile and ends it with laughter before he retires for bed. The doctor is right. That visit was a "wake up call". A reminder that being given "an angel" is not a no-brainier task.  We should always be on our toes for his divine needs like quality time, loving presence and endless affection.    

He loves to stare at the camera :)
For a child as gifted as Jephi, God expects more from us.  To date, Seraphim plays the keyboard while humming and mimics us when we talk to him.  He loves to plant us wet kisses with smiles that reach his eyes and a hug that feels like he will never let us go.  He claps his hands and dances to entertain us.  He waits for us to cheer him on when he's ready to shoot the ball. Adorable is the word that will always best describe my Seraphim.

How sweet it is to be loved by you?